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At FinishLine Graphics we are able to print onto garments in many different ways. This helps our customers by offering a way to fit into almost any budget. See below for the 3 most common print methods and a brief description. Click on the button to view pricing information.

Screen Printing is the most economical way to produce quality apparel when dealing with single color print or large quantities. As an example - if you have an order of 50 shirts with 2 colors in the print..... Screen printing would be your cheapest option.
Direct to Garment, or DTG, printing is an awesome option for small orders or orders that have a lot of color in them. As an example - if you have an order of 10 shirts with a picture of your family on it.... DTG printing is the best option.
Vinyl Printed is the most economical way to print single color or very small volume orders. It is a process in which we either cut out material to press onto garments, or print onto a film that then is pressed onto the garments. 
Direct to Film transfers offers you the ability to send us your design and press your full color images onto your own garments. All you need is a heat press large enough to press the design all at once. 
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