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Wrap My Van

Part of the beauty of custom automotive wraps is that they come in so many options. At FinishLine Graphics, we offer window coverings, spot graphics, partial vehicle wraps and full vehicle wraps to meet your needs and budget. And, of course, your wrap will bear your custom design. Let’s look at the different coverage options for your vehicle:

  • Full vehicle wrap: Full wraps cover an entire vehicle, including cars, buses, vans, and boats, delivering a dramatic message to anyone who sees it. They’ll cover the hood, the roof, the pillars, the sides, and any other place where paint could show through. They can even cover the windows. Typically, full wraps are the best choice for businesses looking for maximum exposure and a cohesive design. You can advertise with the whole surface area of your vehicle, and you don’t have to worry about it not matching.

  • Partial vehicle wrap: You can save money and only cover a few parts of the vehicle with a partial wrap. You may have half of a bus to cover, or you may want to leave your car’s roof the original color to go with your design. A partial wrap can accomplish that and wrap just a few parts of the vehicle rather than the whole surface.

  • Spot graphics: You can also customize your vehicle in smaller ways with spot graphics. For instance, you can apply your logo without necessarily wrapping the whole vehicle or even a whole section. We offer smaller spot graphics to bring your imagery to a vehicle at the lowest cost. Window decals can also be an excellent addition to your vehicle.

  • Window coverings: Though they are typically an element in a full wrap, you can cover your windows with a perforated vinyl that extends your design over them. Window coverings are see-through from the inside, so that they won’t inhibit a driver’s or a passenger’s visibility. From the outside, they appear as a solid design.

However you choose to cover your car, partial and full vehicle wraps allow you to customize your image just how you want it without paying for parts you don’t.

Generic Coverage Options
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